Official Town of Parker Calendar of Events integrated with Best of Parker

Keeping the calendar of events for Parker has been a monumental task for this volunteer unpaid community service website admin staff of one or two, but a new piece of software has just made our lives easier. 

All of the official Town of Parker Calendars feeds are now automatically updated on the….

Parker CO Community Calendar here!

It also includes non-official events that are happening in Parker such as the Chamber events like Parker Days and the Rotary Events like Trick or Treat on Mainstreet.

If you have a non-profit and would like to be able to list your events directly, just let us know in the contact form below and we will set you up with a login.

There are a couple of cool things you can do with the calendar on this website. You can of course just visit when you are looking for something to do, or you can:

  • subscribe to the feed,
  • import it to your iCal
  • import it to your Outlook Calendar
  • import it to your Google Calendar